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Half Lamb Box

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Our Half Lamb Box includes a variety of cuts. Weighing between 8-10kg in weight. Lambs are hung a minimum of 7 days. Cuts are packed in manageable portions sizes, usually two chops a pack. Each Half Box contains 

1x Half Leg of Lamb (usually 1.5-2kg) 

Leg Steaks 

Loin Chops 

Shoulder Chops 

Rack of Lamb 

2 x Shanks 

Lamb Pieces 

Butchered and arriving to you fresh. It allows you several days fresh in the fridge where it can then be frozen to use when needed. 

Please be advised that quantities and size of cuts can vary due to size and weight of lamb. However we strive to provide a quality product that is consistent each time. 

Please allow a lead time for delivery of your lamb from ordering of 2-3 weeks. Order now to secure your order. 

Contact will be made when order is placed of estimated collection or delivery dates. 

 Free Postal Delivery on orders over £125